“Dan is a wonderful cat sitter and house sitter extraordinaire! Our two indoor-only cats get lonely when we go away, and Dan is by-far the best cat sitter we’ve had. He texted us pictures daily, cleaned the litter boxes thoroughly, and even placed the trash cans outside on trash day. He is prompt with returning phone calls & emails, which I value tremendously, and is someone you can trust who will take care of your cats and home. He was thorough and professional, everything you want in a cat sitter! And best of all he obviously really loves cats.”
-Jen C. (Berkeley)

“Daniel took excellent care of my cat Betty Boop, while I was away for a week. He sent me daily email updates with photos and seemed very tuned in to her mood and habits. He also watered plants, so my garden didn’t totally expire in the heat wave, brought in the mail and even changed a burned out light bulb in a light I had left on. I was anxious about going away, as it was the first time in several years, but next time I need to travel, I will call Daniel without hesitation.”
-Shelley R. (Berkeley)

“Do you worry about your pets when you are on vacation or out of town on business? I certainly do! At least I did until Betsy started caring for my cats. Betsy not only does the daily tasks of feeding, dosing medications, and cleaning the litter box, she spends time playing with your kitties, and I would guess she probably even provides a temporary lap for them to climb up into and nap. I am pretty certain that when our cats see the suitcases come out, they know Betsy will be coming to visit.”
-Deborah S. (Novato)

“If you are as picky as I am about finding a great cat sitter, Daniel is your cat man. This makes the second year that we have had Daniel, at The Comforted Kitty, take care of our cat. Our cat is an indoor/outdoor cat that we have stay indoors only while we are away. He does try to escape sometimes, and Daniel is very good at keeping him in and entertaining him with toys and affection.
One of the best things, besides being totally on it with cat care, Daniel texts and sends photos of our cat each day. It just makes me worry less, the guilt of leaving is gone and getting to see that our cat looks happy and healthy takes any stress of leaving him home, away. Daniel is trustworthy, caring and easy to get a hold of. I cannot recommend him enough.”
​-Tara T. (Berkeley)

“Daniel did a wonderful job taking care of my cat while I was away. His gentle and caring nature came through in our initial interview. I really appreciated the daily email updates and observations. My cat is 13 years old and has some health issues–not exactly an easy cat. Daniel had to administer a couple of different medications and prepare the food just-so and he did a great job. I was lucky to find Daniel and I would not hesitate to contact him again and recommend him to others.”
-Liz A. (Oakland)

“Betsy is the cat whisperer! Our normally skittish cats bonded with her immediately – even when she had to apply medication to one of their ears and paws, which isn’t always a pleasant experience. As someone who has usually relied on a local high school student to take care of our cats when we are out of town, working with Betsy was such a breath of fresh air. She even came to our house late at night when one of our cats got out accidentally and patiently waited until she returned. Ultimately Betsy really understand and loves cats, which is very important to me when I leave my beloved kitties for an extended period of time. Your cats will fall in love with her.”
-Becca P. (Mill Valley)

“Daniel took care of our two cats for 2-1/2 weeks and we came home to find them happy and relaxed and well-cared for. There was a minor emergency while we were away, and Daniel handled all the details — picking up meds, administering them, etc — with grace. He’s thorough and a very good communicator. We will definitely continue to hire him for our cat-sitting needs.”
-Lucy B. (Berkeley)

“Daniel is THE BEST! He took care of our 7-month old kitten (Rocket) for two weeks while we were in France. I was very nervous about leaving Rocket alone for so long, but Daniel’s care and daily updates (with pictures and videos!) assured me that Rocket was happy and relaxed.

I am so thankful to have found Daniel, since I know that Rocket will be in excellent hands whenever I have to go out of town. I can’t say enough great things about the Comforted Kitty!”
-Sarah C. (Berkeley)

“Daniel at the Comforted Kitty has recently watched our not-so-easy kitty for the first time. When he first met our cat during our consultation I found him to be extremely thoughtful, considerate and an obvious cat lover who has a knack for working with shy and cautious kitties. He was also very thorough in asking for any information he might need in case of emergencies during our trip. While we were away he did a great job giving our cat attention, including some serious playtime, which is a testament to his natural affinity for cats as it usually takes many visits from new humans for our kitty to approach a stranger. In addition, he was very helpful with a few other tasks like bringing in our mail and watering a few plants. Importantly, Daniel is one of the most courteous, reliable and professional people I have had the pleasure to work with. He has responded promptly and thoughtfully to every email I have sent him, which I so very much appreciate and also instills in me a large amount of trust in him. I would give him my strongest recommendation for those looking for a trustworthy, reliable, professional cat sitter who really has the touch with difficult kitties.”
-Erin B. (Albany)

“We were so pleased with Daniel’s care of our cat while we were away, and it was evidenced by how happy our cat was when we returned. In fact, our cat may have been a little disappointed when he realized he was no longer going to play with Daniel every day!”
-Jill C. (Berkeley)

“Strongly recommend! Daniel has done a great job taking care of our two cats when we are away. He’s super responsive to day-of texts and emails, and an extremely nice guy.”
-Michael B. (Berkeley)

“Daniel has been just wonderful with our boy, and I couldn’t recommend him more. He is very diligent and thoughtful, and his love for animals really shines through with every visit – you can tell that he really cares about pets. He’s great about taking lots of pictures to put your mind at ease while you’re away, and will update you as frequently as you like. Daniel is a really great caretaker, and somebody that you can truly trust with your furry friends.”
-Emma I. (Berkeley)

“Best cat sitting service my cats and I experienced. Before the cat sitting service, Daniel and Poppy spent time to review my input from the questionaire they sent out to me and made a personal visit at my place to meet my cats. They also confirmed protocols with me in case of any emergencies happened to my cats/property.

I received daily photos and updates about my cats when they were away. Poppy, the cat sitter, is such a gentle and lovely lady that my shy calico cat was willing to come out from the room to greet her and let her pad during her visit!

Thank you for giving us such peace of mind when away from home. We will definitely continue using the service when we are traveling.”
-Diane C. (Berkeley)

“We were very happy with Daniel’s services. He was very professional and clearly has a way with cats. Daniel was also great about texting us daily to let us know how the kitties were doing. It was so nice to know our cats were in good hands while we were gone. I highly recommend the Comforted Kitty.”
-Deborah B. (North Berkeley)

“Daniel deserves all the five-star reviews he gets!!! He did a great job taking care of our two cats while we were away. He took care of food, litter box, mail, plus playtime for the friendly cat. I also appreciated that we could book every-other-day or every day visits. Getting updates after each visit was very reassuring. Plus Daniel takes very photogenic pictures of the cats!
It’s great to find a reliable cat sitter. We will book again.”
-Kristin S. (Berkeley Hills)

“Daniel is amazing! I am obsessed with my cats and given towards worrying and feeling guilty for leaving them at home while I travel, but knowing Daniel will be taking care of them makes me feel so much better! He sends great updates and photos, and I totally trust that he’ll spend quality time with them on each of his visits. I also appreciate that he’s always communicative and willing to help out even when I ask him on short notice – fantastic service overall!!”
-Kit R. (Berkeley)

“Daniel did a great job taking care of my two cats and sent informative updates about them on a daily basis. (These were accompanied by excellent photos of them; the cats didn’t appear to miss me much, but that shows that they were happy with Daniel’s visits!) I would recommend him without reservation and plan to use The Comforted Kitty in the future.”
-Michael S. (Berkeley Hills)

“Daniel is great. He is very accommodating and obviously takes good care of our kitties while we are away. He has been able to fit us into his schedule at very short notice, which we really appreciate. Highly recommended for your feline friends.”
-Anthony A. (Berkeley)

“Daniel is a very concientious and caring pet sitter. He has taken care of our two bunny rabbits on several occasions now and I am very happy with his work. He’s also a great photographer and sends the cutest updates from them! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pet sitter!”
-David D. (Berkeley)