Meet Your Sitters

Meet Your Sitters

Below is our stellar team of superb cat caregivers. Learn more about them and their background with kitties.
All of our sitters are covered under our business license, bonding, insurance, and are rigourously and thoroughly background checked.

Daniel McPartlan

Cats occupy a special place in my heart as well as home. I have one cat, Pixie, who I adopted from the Berkeley municipal animal shelter. I also regularly volunteer there, where for over seven years now have socialized and comforted cats of all ages and temperaments. I also volunteer at the Antioch animal shelter and BAD RAP animal welfare organization.

It is very rewarding for me to know I am alleviating the boredom, loneliness, and even stress of a cat when their guardian is away for an extended period of time. I strive to make sure they are well taken care of and enjoy all the comforts of life despite the absence of their guardian.   

I also love taking photo portraits of animals, especially cats. I take great care in emphasizing their personalities and what makes them unique. And, of course, there is the feline’s natural beauty, which has always captivated me and make for stunning images. You can view some of my work at my gallery page on this website.

​I recently released a calendar profiling cats I have sat in Berkeley. It is titled Berkeley Cats and you can learn more about the calendar and project at the website

I would love to capture some beautiful portraits of your lovely companion kitty while under my care.

I look forward to hearing how I can help you.

“Thank you Daniel. Everything was in good shape when I got home-and tidy. Sammie and Bina were relaxed. It is great having a catsitter whom I feel I can trust, particularly with Sammie with her medical issues. Definitely your service is “a keeper.”
-Kathryn D. (Berkeley)

Poppy J.
Sitter (East Bay)

Poppy grew up on an idyllic small farm in India, where she was surrounded by numerous animals including dogs, cats, parrots, chickens, monkeys, and even buffaloes! As a child she was immediately drawn to the wildlife and quickly learned how to care for a wide variety of animals. Since retiring Poppy has kept busy with and found deep enjoyment in cat sitting, dog walking, jewelry making, eco printing, gardening and intellectual pursuits in her spare time. Poppy is committed to the care and well-being of all the animals she comes into contact with and is both pet first aid and CPR certified.   
“Cats have an undeniable warm presence in your home that’s very comforting and not overwhelming or demanding in any way.”

She happily services Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, and Richmond.

“Thank you so very much for watching Chloe for us this past week, Poppy! We were really thrilled to hear that she came out of her shell for you and you two were able to bond over the course of the week. Thank you so much for all of your efforts in making her feel comfortable and giving her some love and attention while we were away. It makes all the difference in feeling confident that we have someone we can trust when we travel and we worry much less about leaving Chloe knowing that she is in good hands.”
-Erin B. (Albany)

Samantha S.
Sitter (South Bay/Silicon Valley)

Samantha brings over 15 years experience working with cats in a variety of settings including; veterinary and animal sheltering. She also works for a non profit cat rescue in Morgan Hill saving countless kitties lives. She is passionate about working with cats and brings years of medical knowledge and behavioral expertise. When she is not working with cats, she can be found at home with her own family of four kitties; Mister, Susu, Pixie and Kindle, hiking in nature, or at the yoga studio. She is so excited to be working for The Comforted Kitty and cannot wait to meet you fur family.
“What I like most about cats is their individual personalities. Each one is so uniquely different and wonderful!”

She happily services Silicon Valley, including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell, Los Gatos, and Cupertino

Barb S.
Sitter (East Bay)

Barb, a 25+ year resident of Oakland, has had a lifelong affinity for cats, seldom living life without an active feline companion. For 15 years, with the help of many others, Barb participated in the trap, neuter and release efforts of a local feral colony.Barb is the proud caretaker of five elderly and special needs cats, three of whom began life as ferals. She finds great fulfillment and purpose in life in serving and helping others, humans and felines, alike.
She is very good with medicating cats (including injections) and takes pride in understanding that consistency and ritual are very important to our feline friends. Barb would be honored to meet you and to care for your feline friends in the capacity of cat sitter.
“What I like most about cat’s is that each and every cat is a complex, intelligent, eccentric individual with a fascinating, loving and childlike personality.”

She happily services all of Oakland and Emeryville

“Solomon and Sheba always had the best care when I had to travel because of Barbara. My cats were well-fed and watered, and their litter boxes were very clean. And she took care of their twice daily diabetic injections, on time and with comfort. I know my cats missed me, but they really enjoyed Barbara’s visits!”
-Deborah Z. (Oakland)

Daniel M.
Sitter (Peninsula)

Daniel, a San Carlos native, has had a lifelong affinity for cats, always blessed with the care and contentment of cats of his own while helping care for felines-in-need around the Peninsula. He now keeps his pet focused family-friendly game company purring along through part time efforts, allowing ample time to focus on his greater passion, the love and support of felines in need. Daniel has a natural ability to connect with cats and handlers alike, providing conscientious care for your felines, and your home, affording you the freedom to feel comforted while you are out and about.
“The comforts of home are sustained through the contentment of our feline companions.”

He happily services the Peninsula from Millbrae to Mountain View

“Dan is our ‘go to’ cat sitter. Our cats adore Dan as he makes sure they are well-fed, hydrated, and, he gives them plenty of play time and petting sessions. I adore Dan because the cats are happy when I return, the litter boxes are clean, plants are watered, and the house is as nice as I left it – If not better!”
-Kathy K. (San Carlos)

Nancy T.
Sitter (Central Contra Costa County)

Nancy grew up in a small, idyllic town in Michigan where she was surrounded by horses, chickens, goats, dogs and cats. As far back as she can remember there were always several cats living with the family. This began her love affair with felines and she has never been without one. Currently, she has Casey who is a very, sweet 15 year-old gray tabby. Her other cat, Machka, passed away last year at 21 years old. It has been very rewarding and fun since retiring to be able to care for other people’s cats.
“What I like most about cats are their sensitivity and elegance. And there’s nothing better than the coziness of a cat curled up in my lap or stretched out down the length of my legs as I fall asleep at night.”

“Nancy is a cat sitter extraordinaire! She texted us photos daily and cleaned the litter box thoroughly making sure there was no litter around the box.”
-Patti (Walnut Creek)

“Nancy totally understands and loves cats. My two shy cats were comfortable with her immediately.”
-Barb (Moraga)

She happily services Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Clayton, Pacheco, Bay Point, and Pittsburg

Betsy G.
Sitter (Marin County)

Betsy brings her reliability, empathetic nature, and cat-whispering skills to her care of your kitty. She has had cats since she was 5 years old and cannot imagine life without them! She has taken numerous cat workshops hosted by the Marin Humane Society that emphasize cat behavior and care. Betsy currently has one kitty companion, Gizmo, who despite being 15 still keeps busy by being Betsy’s “Admin Assistant” when at her computer. Before retiring, Betsy worked for decades as a program manager in the IT field.  
“I love cats because they give you someone to talk to, sometimes they even listen and even talk back, plus you can talk like a baby and not feel silly. They know when you need a little extra cuddle and when they do come to you, you know it is because they want to, not because they need to. It takes work to court a kitty but it is so rewarding!”

“I am pretty certain that when our cats see the suitcases come out, they know Betsy will be coming to visit.”
-Deborah S. (Novato)

“Betsy is the cat whisperer! Our normally skittish cats bonded with her immediately – even when she had to apply medication to one of their ears and paws.”
-Becca P. (Mill Valley)

She happily services cities across Marin County